African American Women and Domestic Violence Empowerment in Promoting Spirituality for Healing


Author: Bernice Roberts Kennedy, PhD
Publisher: BRK Global Healthcare Consulting Firm, LLC
Year Published: 2013 (Revised 2015; Revised 2020)
Format: Perfect Paper Bound Book
Pages: 119
Size: 6X9 or 8.5X11 Remove 6X9
Language: English
SBN-10: 0-9897244-4-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9897244-4-9



Historically, during slavery, the international slave trade promoted the normalization of violence against African American women. The stereotypical representations of African American women as strong, controlling, dangerous, fearless, and invulnerable may interfere with the African American women receiving the needed services for domestic violence in the community. The Strong Black Women Archetype has been dated back to slavery describing their coping mechanism in dealing with oppression by developing a strong, less traditionally female role. The author developed a model: The Multidimensional Perspectives of Factors Contributing to Domestic Violence of African American Women in the United States. This model depicts historically, the factors contributing to domestic violence of African American women in the United States. Also, this model addressed the African American women subscribing to the Strong Black Women Archetype to cope with domestic violence. This book addressed culturally sensitive treatment, empowerment, and future policy development.


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