Global Health: Future Issues for the Health Care Delivery System


Author: Bernice Roberts Kennedy, PhD
Year Published: 2013 (Revised 2015; Revised 2020)
Format: Paper Perfect  Bound Book
Pages: 211
Size: 8.5X11
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0-9897285-9-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9897285-9-1



Health disparities exist around the world because economic and social inequalities are global health issues. Today, health inequalities exist in developed and developing countries. The disparities between the rich and poor countries adversely affect world health’s impact on global stability and are one of the challenging problems of the 21st  century. A Global Health Disparities Multifaceted Model for conceptualizing health inequalities around the globe will be presented. This book focused on  (a)  global health disparities across populations in developed and developing countries, (b)  political, social, and economic determinants of health in developed and developing countries;(c) communicable and non-communicable diseases in the global world; (d)   environmental health issues around the globe; (e) equity, social justice, and cost in the distribution of health services in developed and developing countries;( f) recruitment and retention issues of healthcare workers around the globe and    (g) and future policy changes needed to improve the health of populations globally.  A special chapter will discuss the Coronavirus Pandemic around the globe in the 21st century.


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